Creeper Trail

The Virginia Creeper Trail


The Virginia Creeper Trail is a bicycling, hiking and horse back riding trail that runs 34.3 miles from Abingdon VA. to just past the White Top station.  It actually starts in Abingdon VA. which is mile 0 up to White Top mile 32.3.   Most people however will take a shuttle to White Top Station for the ride back down to Damascus, roughly an 18 mile ride that follows White Top Creek . This ride is mostly down hill and is a very easy ride.  The scenery is spectacular anytime of the year, but is beautiful in the fall.  There are many trestles and bridges, 47 I think; there is a difference between a trestle and bridge, but I won’t go there. Trestles have to do with the railroad, which is where the Creeper Trail got it’s name. It was at one time an active railroad and the trains moved slowly up the line and was called the Creeper.  If you plan on riding the trail in the summer or fall it is suggested to book a shuttle in advance since they become very busy during the vacation and fall season.  There are a lot of shops that offer rental and shuttle service. The ride to or from Abingdon to Damascus is flat and requires much more effort, but is equally beautiful.  You should pack water and snacks for your ride, and of course a camera.  Helmet’s are not required but are highly recommended. The object is to enjoy the scenery and beauty of the trail, not to set a land speed record from the top to Damascus.  When staying with us I highly recommend a ride on the Creeper Trail.

For more information you can visit this link.

 Thanks to my friend Len Hambleton for allowing me to use his photos

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